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The RØDE Soundbooth currently does not support playback on Apple iOS devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod). However, there is a RØDE Soundbooth app available in the iTunes store here.

Welcome to the RØDE Soundbooth

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Please note that the RØDE Soundbooth requires a modern web browser and a reasonable amount of RAM to play all the tracks in real time.
If you experience any playback issues please ensure you have closed any unnecessary applications and browser tabs and reload Soundbooth.

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Using the RØDE Soundbooth

Users familiar with a DAW (digital audio workstation) will find themselves immediately at home in Soundbooth, but even those without a recording background will be able to make full use of the RØDE Soundbooth after learning the basic interface.

The Layout

The layout is very straightforward - at the top are the play controls (Rewind to start, Play/Pause, Stop, and Loop), and below that are the instrument tracks.

Each horizontal track corresponds to an instrument recording on a particular microphone, rollover the individual components below to learn more.

instrument icon
current microphone


Acoustic Rhythm (body)
Rollover the interface above to learn more about each section.

Changing Microphones

To change the microphone for any track simply click on the microphone image and select the desired microphone from the drop down list. Please note that if you change the microphone selection the recording will return to the beginning.

Adding Tracks

To add a new track just click the 'Add Track' button below the current tracks, and then select the instrument, microphone and proximity from the screen that appears. Once you're happy with your selection just click 'Add Track'.
If you want to use the RØDE Soundbooth to compare different microphones you can add multiple tracks of the same instrument with different microphones (useful for /B comparison tests).

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About the RØDE Soundbooth

The RØDE Soundbooth is an innovative and user friendly application that allows you to listen to various RØDE microphones in a professionally recorded, controlled environment. This allows you to see how a particular microphone might sound on a particular instrument, or to compare how different RØDE microphones sound on the same instrument. In some cases you can even select the same microphone on the same instrument but from different distances!

The Recording Process

Every instrument was recorded by world renowned producer and engineer John Merchant - Bee Gees, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand) at world class facilities including Red Door Studio, Nashville, The Steinway Gallery, Nashville and Middle Tennessee State University. The artists featured on the tracks are some of Nashville's finest session musicians.

Under the direction of RØDE John went to great lengths to ensure that the performances and recording techniques used were suitable for an application that facilitates a critical comparison between microphones.

Over the course of several weeks John painstakingly recorded close to 400 individual tracks that now make up the RØDE Soundbooth.

The results you will hear in Soundbooth will of course be dependent on the quality of speakers or headphones you use, and it has been slightly compressed to make Soundbooth fast enough for internet usage. For the ultimate experience, John's original uncompressed 44.1kHz 24-bit Pro Tools session and source files are also available to download here

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RØDE Soundbooth Credits

All tracks produced and engineered by John Merchant (
December 2010 - January 2011.
Vocals: Wendy Moten

Recorded using ProTools 8.1 with 003 interface, API A2D (312) preamplifier
Acoustic Guitar: John Willis

Recorded using ProTools 8.1 HD with 192 interface, API A2D (312) preamplifier
Bass: Dan Warner

Recorded direct; routed to Peavey Combo 115 via Reamp interface
Recorded with ProTools 8.1 HD with Apogee interface, API A2D (312) preamplifier
Drums: Steve Brewster

Recorded using ProTools 8 with 002 interface
Overheads: API 312 preamps, Kick & snare: Vintech X73i preamps
Electric Guitar (lead and solo): Dan Warner

Recorded direct; routed to Fender Deluxe Reverb via Reamp interface
Recorded with ProTools 8.1 HD with Apogee interface, API A2D (312) preamplifier.
Piano: Doug Emery

Recorded in the Recital Hall at the Steinway Gallery, Nashville
Performance recorded as MIDI data to Story & Clark piano with Pianomation MIDI system
Recorded using ProTools 8.1 using 003 interface.
Electric Piano: Doug Emery

Recorded direct; routed to Event Opal monitors via Apogee interface
Recorded with ProTools 8.1 HD with Apogee interface, API A2D (312) preamplifier
Organ & Leslie 122: Doug Emery

Recorded in Studio A at the Middle Tennessee State University
Recorded direct; routed to Event Opal monitors via Apogee interface
Recorded with ProTools 8.1 HD with Apogee interface, API A2D (312) preamplifier

Step 1: Choose Instrument

Drums Vocals Acoustic Lead Acoustic Rhythm
Guitar Solo Lead Guitar B3 Leslie Piano (distant)
Piano Solo Bass

Step 2: Choose Proximity

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Step 3: Choose Mic

  • K2K2
  • M1M1
  • M2M2
  • M3M3
  • NT1-ANT1-A
  • NT2-ANT2-A
  • NT3NT3
  • NT6NT6
  • NT55NT55
  • NT1000NT1000
  • NT2000NT2000
  • S1S1
  • NT4NT4

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