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Frederick-James Koch
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Alabaster doing work in the heart of Nairobi's Informal Settlements. Giving students shots for Typhoid, Deworming and vitamin A to prevent malnutrition. Just these small things can change the opportunities for success in these young kids lives. Being healthy and being able to study and learn can make the difference between making a positive contribution to society or becoming another statistic. The odds are against them but just helping in the smallest way can have the greatest benefits.

Frederick-James Koch

Frederick James Koch


Shooting this component of our trip to Kenya was extremely dangerous. As the informal settlements are quit unstable with extreme violence occuring on a daily basis. So carrying around cameras was almost an impossibility. We had military in there protecting us while we were giving medical aid and once the populous felt a little more comfortable with us especially while helping the children the mood lifted and it was a really great experience. shooting with a Lav mic was such a god send.