Keep on Dancin' | My Røde Reel 2017 by Alexander Roemer

Nacreous Films
Tür: drama

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Robbie, a young, bullied dancer, attempts to fully explain the beauty of dance to his best friend.

Nacreous Films

Alexander Roemer


Gabby Biediger

Assistant Director
Behind the Scenes Camera and Editing
Music Editing

Michael Roemer

Camera Operator

Kathy Roemer

Sound Recordist

Kate Roemer


Emma Rooker

Underwater Camera Operator

Abby Cornelius

3D Printer

Debbie Biediger

Bokeh Animation Assistant

To film the BTS, we used a Canon T5i, and recorded the interview with the Rode NTG2. One technique we are most proud of is the Custom Bokeh Animation, a technique the director hasn't found any examples of outside of Keep on Dancin'. It is seen at 2:04 as ballerinas of light performing fouettes. We explain it in the BTS from 0:55 to 2:30.