Return - My RØDE Reel

Lukasz Rzewnicki
Tür: aksiyon komedi

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A young protagonist finds out about his great-grandfather's endeavour by finding his personal things. Motivated by the discovery he sets off to finish what his ancestor started and to make sure that the past is settled once and for all.

Lukasz Rzewnicki

Jakub Tryc


We shot the film in two days with three people involved on location in the nearby forest and at friend's house. A DSLR with RØDE Videomic was a main camera. A drone served as a source of aerial shots but we also took advantage of the 3 axis gimbal of it to get one of the shots, while holding the drone in the hand. But the majority of work associated with that project was in post production due to VFX and 3D model compositing present in the movie.

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