Office Wars | Action Short Film

Tür: komedi aksiyon

Kullanılan RØDE Ekipmanları:

VideoMic Pro

Daha Fazla Bilgi:

What happens when an employee works late at the office? This will be revealed when he meets the cleaner.


Gustav Ehde

Director of Photography
Camera Operator

Niklas André

Actor (Employee)
Camera Operator

Lucas Denny

Actor (Cleaner)

Hannes Backe

Actor (Printer Guy)
Second camera man

Sten Sjöberg

Sound Recordist
Third camera man

We filmed in a Co-working space in Helsingborg called Mindpark. This was a prime location due to the big office areas. We used the Rode Videomic Pro as well as the Rode boom pole for our audio setup, and keeping the audio input into the camera due to our budget and lack of time. We used a strong lamp as our main light source and the office lamps as a filler.