The SQUATCH Project
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VideoMic Pro
VideoMic GO

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Cody brings two friends deep into the woods to test rumors of a mythological creature roaming through the forest.

The SQUATCH Project

Ethan Amos

Camera Operator

Alex Quezada Sierra


Steven Tallas


Fredrick Daniels


Luke Lasiloo

Gang Boss
Location Scout

Jeff Daniels


Tyson Logg

Title Graphics

I heard about the RODE Video Contest back in 2015 and actually started projects for both 2015 and 2016. However, I did not submit any content due to a lack of quality and confidence. This year I decided to turn in a submission, no matter what. After a month of trying to get a camera, we started the project on June 24th once Steven said we could borrow his so long as he would be in it (he did a great job, btw).

Filmed in Flagstaff, Arizona
Used Sony A7S
Rode VideoMic PRO
Rode VideoMic GO

We mostly Used the PRO, the GO was used for backup audio only a couple different times.

Music and Sound Effects came from licensing through Audiojungle.net.

Stock footage of the Bigfoot came from Pond5.com