(((BACATA ZULU))) My RØDE Reel 2017

ArtVideo / Nerdopolitan

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Colombia's empoverished youth is forgotten by the government. Corruption, privatization of education and the immense finantial inequality between social classes have forced thousand of colombians to turn to drugs, violence and criminality in order to survive. Where the government has failed to garanty these young new souls with the basic requirements and born rights to live with dignity, hip hop has become a road of hope and an opportunity express their thoughts and dreams offering them the idea of being part of something greater, being part of the Zulu Nation

ArtVideo / Nerdopolitan

Arturo Almanza

Director of Photography

Carlos E Perez

Sound Recordist

Documentary is a dichotomy, you must be quick and have patience. We were a light and tight team of two running from location to location always having the equipment ready for action. Rode mics are efficient and extremely versatile when we covered large events or intimate interviews we could rely on having great quality sound capture.

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