TEXTO | My RØDE Reel 2017 entry

Tür: komedi drama

Kullanılan RØDE Ekipmanları:

Micro Boompole
RØDELink Filmmaker Kit
VideoMic Pro

Daha Fazla Bilgi:

The story is simply about a man receiving a message on his phone. But sometimes a simple texto can make you forget the most important...


Julien Girardin

Director of Photography

Marc Girardin

Sound Recordist

Benoît Koller


Jean-Marc Girardin


Discover how "Texto", our entry for My RØDE Reel was done !

We're a little crew from Switzerland, that's why the shortfilm is in French. But don't worry there are English subtitles ! For this rolling, our team was really small: we were just four ! We had a tight deadline to make this movie but had a lot of fun of doing it.

The movie is really short, so we had time to focus on having a great image, great sound, etc. However, the editing was really hard. All the sound were foley, so we began with just a rush without sound. But it was really formative.

In the crew we are all young filmmakers, the youngest is 14 y.o and took the sound. We've been wanting to take part in this competition for 3 years, but we always cannot finish the film in time. We all hope this time is the good time !

(Huh, and yeah, the eye at the end was real... It was a pork eye that my biology teacher gave me. At the beginning it was like chewing-gum but at the end of the day it was totally dried !)