Your Friendly Neighbor - My Rode Reel 2017

Shawn Gonzalez
Tür: korku drama
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Your Friendly Neighbor is a short film about your average everyday neighbor he seems nice and kind during the day but at night behind closed doors everything changes. Be careful who you trust.

Shawn Gonzalez

shawn Gonzalez


The entire short film of Your friendly Neighbor was Written,Filmed,Edited,Directed by my self which i also star in the short film.It was tough to film but so much fun and was worth it.I always wanted to do a 50s feel film and now i have done just that.
The entire budget of this film cost me $7.00 and was filmed in my home.
Gear used:
Panasonic G7
Sankor 16c anamorphic lens
50mm Nikon manual lens
14-42mm Lumix kit lens
Rode Video Micro
Rode Iphone app
3 Lights
Magnus Tripod