My RØDE Reel 2017 - Veracity

Nitin Khajotia
Tür: drama aksiyon

Kullanılan RØDE Ekipmanları:

VideoMic GO

Daha Fazla Bilgi:

When your partner in crime Betrays you, what would you do.?
Will you give him an another chance ?

Nitin Khajotia

Nitin Khajotia

Director of Photography
Sound Recordist

Hitesh Parsoia

Actor (Thief Killer)

Jai Chaudhary

Actor (Thief Dead)


Shop Boy


Kid with the Toy A.K.A Jai's Daughter


Camera Assistance

Mainly this video was shot on Cannon 750D and other cam used was a Gopro Hero 5 and DJI Osmo. Sound was exclusively recorded in camera and with Rode VideoMic Go which was also a huge part of ADR. This was a Extremely low budget Short so enjoy BTS. Cheers