The Florist

Underground Films
Through the course of a calendar year, a florist experiences the milestones of life through their customers.

Behind the scenes of The Florist

While our location was based in a small, rural town, heavy winds, loud traffic, and noisy flower refrigerators were almost unavoidable. By utilizing the Rode NTG-2, Blimp, and Boom Pole in a skilled way, we managed to capture and produce clean and crisp sound and dialogue. The shop front was incredible however, the two unsightly buildings had to go. With the help of VFX we transformed the exteriors and managed to create all four seasons in 3 minutes. Original music and sound design complement the piece as a whole.

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Underground Films

Deanna Armenti - Writer, Director, Production Designer, Asst. Producer

Cameron Thorpe - Exec. Producer, Public Relations, Continuity, 1st AD, Cinematographer

Elmoatasem Ragab - Producer, VFX Supervisor, BTS Recordist, Exterior Colourist, Lighting, Rotoscope & Matte Painting Artist

Dylan Broda - Producer, Stop Motion Animator, Continuity, Music Composer, Ast. Camera Op, Male Customer #1, Craft & Catering

George Bull - Director of Photography, Colourist, Ast. Script Writer

Megan Tost - Best Boy (Girl) Grip, 2nd AD, Ast. Production Designer, BTS Recordist, BTS Editing

Stéphan Guschewski - Location Recordist & Sound Mixer, Music Composer, Audio Editor, Music Editor, Dialogue Editor, Product Placement Specialist, Male Customer #2

Molly Smith - Transportation Supervisor, 3rd AD, Saskatchewan Support

Jessie Liu - Boom Op., BTS Recordist