How We've Become1080

Nada Dahab
A short film illustrating how we express human emotion through our hands. Gestures can truly express how we are feeling and in that, there is great beauty.

Behind the scenes of How We've Become1080

We wanted to produce a powerful piece of work that would demonstrate our abilities to translate a concept into a visual narrative that would get people to think about their own emotions and how much the simple gestures we use to express ourselves speak volumes. Despite the complete lack of budget, we were determined to work hard to create a piece that was worthy of the Rode Reel competition. This film was shot in a medium sized bedroom using two LED aperture lights, a piece of black velvet fabric, a piece of perspex and two great actors. We believe, you can create great moving mage, even without a budget or studio.

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Nada Dahab

Nada Dahab - Concept/Director

Andrew Contreras - Cinematography/Editing

Rui Silveira - Sound recording/Editing

Joao Lopes - Behind the scenes filming

Tom Donald - Music