Go North

Mildly Rebellious Productions
Jack Webber & Alfie Shaw present the first short film from Mildly Rebellious Productions.

Lonely, desperate and confused, one man races away from captivity. Relentlessly pursued by technological superior forces, all he can do is run. Little does he know his one slight advantage. Something has affected his pursuers cameras and under the cover of the trees, he might just stand a chance. Only one thing is certain. A note telling him what to do. His only chance to stay alive. Go North.

Behind the scenes of Go North

This short Vlog gives an insight into the production process across all areas of production, giving a brief view of what it is like to follow a film from conception to completion.

Shot across a range of cameras, utilizing hand held and aerial techniques, and compiled using Premiere Pro, Da Vinci Resolve and Pro Tools, you get an up close look at the processes involved in making a short film.

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Mildly Rebellious Productions

Jack Weber - Director/Post Production

Alfie Shaw - Writer/Director