The Talk

Frag Out Films
Single father's daughter is about to go to prom with her date. Now seems like a good time to give them... The Talk...

Behind the scenes of The Talk

Director, Tyson Galland, talks about some of the things that had to happen to make this film in this very quick BTS video. Enjoy a laugh.

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Frag Out Films

Tyson Galland - Director/Writer/Actor

John Alton - Actor

Blanca Gomez - Actor/Executive Producer

Alexis Pascarella - Actor

Matthew Richardson - DP/Actor

Nicholas Canchola - Sound/Executive Producer

Michael Cook - Key Grip

Luke Whitcraft - 1st AC/Cam Op

Hannah Galland - Production Design

Bethany Blackwell - On Set Production Design/BTS

Deb Capstone - Location Manager