Why I Bike

Luis Carducci
An ode to Biking. A character walks up to a beach and reflects on his love for biking.

Behind the scenes of Why I Bike

I shot using the Sony A7sII for the majority of the film. Some scenes where shot using the A7II. The GoPro Hero 3+ was used for the POV shot from the bikes. The RODE VideoMic Pro was used for all the sounds, including the voice over. I shot in Fort Lauderdale, FL and New York, NY. My brother was the actor in the film. I recorded the voice over and shot the biking scenes in New York.

Kullanılan RØDE ekipmanları

VideoMic Pro

Luis Carducci

Luis Carducci - Writer, director, DP, editor

Maurizio Carducci - Actor

Alejandro Carrizales - Audio Editor