The Illusion

UG pictures
"Magic to me is an expression, a universal language that breaks all barriers and boundaries, a bridge that draws people together, and that feeling that causes you to just SMILE.

It is my goal to create dreams into reality, believing that nothing impossible only if you believe. Magic to me is making the impossible possible"

- Andrew Lee

Behind the scenes of The Illusion

Shot in 2 days.

Look at the BTS video at picture number 10, you'll see on the top right corner. That's the microphone we use to capture all the ambient & foley sound.

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UG pictures

Eugene Low - Director

Patrick Low - Director of Photography

Nic Seow - Camera Work / Focusing

Alvin Tung - Camera Work

Kok Wi - Assistant D.P. / Coordinator

Wai Seng - Grip

Enabell Lee - Crew

Chuan Xin - Crew