S&M Date

Naiad Wine Pictures
A blind date between a nice girl and a man with unusual tastes.

Behind the scenes of S&M Date

Shot during the brake between lunch and dinner in an actual restaurant. To avoid environemntal noises (waiters cleaning and moving tables) we recorded at very low levels, but we were able to lift the volume in post up to 30db, thanks to the extremely low "self-noise" of the NTG-4+.

Camera: Canon C100 MKII
Settings: 25fps, 1/50, 850 ISO, f/2.8
Lens: Tamron 24-70/2.8 VC
Sound recorder: Fostex FR-2LE
Editing & Color grading: Premiere Pro with a LUT created in Resolve 12.5 beta
VFX: After Effects
Sound Design: Adobe Audition

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Naiad Wine Pictures

Elvira Berarducci - Actress

Claudio Losavio - Actor

Marqus Bobesich - Script writer

Lucio Lepri - Director, cinematographer, colorist

Lorenzo Hervatin - Director, cinematographer, editor

Matteo Bini - Sound recordist

Furio Lanciano - Sound Design

Catalina Negrete - Makeup & Special makeup

Bianca Baldecchi - Script supervisor

Niccolò Barletta - Script supervisor

Andrea Daviddi - VFX supervisor