The Rush

Henry Donald
A short film about the starting of a relationship and the rush of emotions it can bring.

Behind the scenes of The Rush

This short was filmed in one day on the North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand. We used a canon 70d with only a 50mm1.4 lens. For stabilisation we literally held onto a collapsed tripod since I didn't have shoulder rig or anything. All the sound for this film was recorded on a rode videomic pro and it was recorded through a long cord straight into the camera. Riley was actually holding it most of the time which is very risky but managed to work out well. Went for a filmic look in the grade using film convert. Was definitely a great learning experience and had a lot of fun.

Kullanılan RØDE ekipmanları

VideoMic Pro

Henry Donald

Henry Donald - Director, Writer

Riley Davis - Producer

Scarlet Allen - Actor

Grigorios Vasilakis - Actor