Fill It In Productions
Vindictive is a drama about a woman who seeks revenge after her father was gunned down, but she is conflicted by the idea of going down the path of vengeance.

Behind the scenes of Vindictive

We shot this short film in two different locations. The first one was located inside BW Productions in Salt Lake City, UT. We shot during the day so we had to cover the window behind the actors with a black table cloth and we lit the subjects with a head lamp above their heads and a soft box in front of them. The second location was at the director's family member's house, in this shoot we decided to have some tracking and moving shots when the criminals go inside the house to add a bit more suspense to the scene. The original idea of the film as to edit it as a sequence, starting with the house scene and ending with the "warehouse" scene. However, we decided that the story would be more interesting if it was a combination of past and present events. Lastly, we wanted to do a film with a neo-noir feel that presents our characters with inner conflict about the choices they made and are about to make.

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Fill It In Productions

Fernando "Nano" Lara - Director / Screenplay / Editor

Andreas Petker - Director of Photography / Cinematographer

B.T. Measles - Boom Operator / Sound Designer

Cynthia Shelley - Make Up Artist / Wardrobe / Special FX

Jayden Glade - Assistant Make Up Artist / Special FX

Caitlin Richardson - Lead Actress

Adam Cole - Lead Actor

Dylan Paulus - Supporting Actor

Jason Wixom - Supporting Actor