The Job

Switheely Productions (amateur)
The Job is a movie about three guys on a commercial spaceflight to Mars where they have to smuggle a drug called kurrumish to their customer, Marcus Sanchez. There they , Alberto , Nick and Robbie , find themselves being chased by the cops.

Behind the scenes of The Job

I used CANON T3I and attached a Video Micro on it.
I used the BOOMPOLE MICRO PRO for the interior and attached the ZOOM H1 and VIDEOMIC GO.I edited using Imovie (ew gross) and premiere pro for some shots (IM STILL LEARNING IT).I did vfx in HITFILM 4 PRO DEMO.

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Switheely Productions (amateur)

Swithin - Director/editor/scriptwriter/art designer/VFX artist/sound/cameraman/actor