Hawk Valley Productions
Disturbed early in the morning by the doorbell and an unexpected parcel delivery, this film follows the ensuring developments...

Behind the scenes of Parcel

A brief behind the scenes insight to our short film, Parcel.
The film was shot on Canon 550d and 700d, on location in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Sound for the shoot was mainly captured with the NTG-2 (and blimp) and the Videomic Pro.
Dialogue was recorded using the Smartlav+, and additional soundtrack (and the BTS voiceover) recorded with the VideoMicro.

For this production we [Kit and Jem Freiesleben] were working as a 2-man team, and as usual no additional budget.

Edited by Jem Freiesleben
Music by Kit Freiesleben
Hawk Valley Productions, 2016

Kullanılan RØDE ekipmanları

VideoMic Pro
DeadCat VMP

Hawk Valley Productions

Jem Freiesleben - Co-Director, Camera, Editor

Kit Freiesleben - Co-Director, Music