Best Sound Design
How was your day?
How Was Your Day Crew
Best Soundtrack
All My Love Always
Markus Tangre
Best Cinematography
Leopoldo Caggiano
Best Art Direction
Monster Under The Bed
Moises Velasquez
Best Location
The Box
Nicola Baraglia and Marco Caddeo
Best Acting
Genesis Flux
Best Visual Effects
Into the storm
Into the storm
Best Cameraphone
All Day Long
The Actors' Cafe
Best Drama
Slow waves
Tony Meyer and Grethe Hillersøy
Best Horror
BLONDIE (A Loira do Banheiro)
Rodrigo Gasparini & Dante Vescio
Best Comedy
Walking Over to the Trash Can... In Front of Da Ladies!
Rascal Stray
Best Documentary
Alex "Pressplay" Wohleber
Best Action
JKK Films
Best Non-English
Florent Sabatier
Best Sci-fi
Virtual Delusion
Best Music Video
Sound of Science
Nice Shirt Media

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With a mountain of exciting filmmaking prizes from our valued partners including Blackmagic cameras, Zeiss lenses, NYFA filmmaking workshops and of course a slew of RØDE audio products, you've got all the incentive you need to get involved!

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